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What is TurfCert

Turf Certification (TurfCert) is an initiative of the Australian Seeds Authority Ltd (ASA), a NOT FOR PROFIT Company.

ASA has two decades experience in design, development, delivery and administration of major, independent, transparent National Quality Assurance support Systems designed to efficiently enhance quality agricultural product delivery worldwide.

TurfCert Objective: To provide a Turf Certification Scheme giving confidence to buyers of vegetatively propagated turf that what they are offered for sale is true-to-type for that variety, and is free from other turf cultivars and proscribed weed species.

TurfCert is based on well documented principals for:

  1. supplying quality Turf to customers
  2. provision of a QA process based on structure, monitoring, assessment, review & feedback
  3. progressive Scheme development with participants; and
  4. Simplicity & independence of operation.

TurfCert is about capturing the essence of good QA practices in Turf Production and Turf Certification, and providing systems and control points to ensure they are followed, documented and rewarded.

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