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Magpie Cottage Services

Close Editing

Close editing of an extract from your memoir of up to 2,000 words will be provided, including line commentary and a two-page assessment summary. The summary will provide feedback and suggestions for improving your memoir writing, and especially on how well you’re getting you’ onto the page. After receiving your assessment there will be a one hour online session available to discuss your report and to seck further feedback.

Price: $85

Lone Extract Assessment and Follow-up

Full assessment of up to 20,000 words of your memoir will be provided, including guidance and advice on structure, characteristion, narrative flow, and writing style and techniques. You’ll also receive feedback on sequencing of events, matching your approach to your intended audience, and how you’ve fared with depicting yourself as the narrative’s main protagonist.

Depending on the length and nature of the extract provided you can expect around five pages of detailed and targeted feedback as well as a follow up one hour meeting online.

Price: $350

Full Manuscript Mentoring

This is your option if you would like to establish and maintain an ongoing writing relationship while you progress your memoir to conclusion. You can expect advice and guidance on all aspects of your story and writing, tailored to your timeframes and requirements.

The service will be designed as a collaboration between Mike and yourself to best suit your stage of writing and the anticipated timeframe to completion of your memoir. As far as pricing goes, consider an hourly mte of S50 to be indicative, but any and all details will be agreed and provided in writing for both parties prior to commitment.

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